These products are from Elevate Fitness’s parent company, 1ViZN, which is a health supplement company based out of Springville, UT. These products help with energy, weight loss, and immune support. They are loaded with antioxidants, B vitamins, and vitamin C.    

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Prebiotic Drink

Our Prebiotic Drink is designed to help your body naturally boost and sustain a healthy gut flora. Containing over 1 billion CFU’s (probiotics) in each serving. The probiotics will multiply in the body to be 8 billion within the first hour of consumption continuing to multiply to the body’s needs.

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The Amazon PowrBlend

The Amazon PowrBlend combines some of the world’s most authentic and antioxidant-packed super fruits to create one of the most nutritious health products on the market today. Our main super fruits, Acai, Cupuacu, and Camu-Camu, come straight from the Amazon rainforest and is blended with the most potent ingredients through a process that maintains more nutrients than any other process to date.

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Ignite is designed to give your body a metabolic burn to increase energy, mental clarity and burn fat like no other supplement. Ignite was created to rev up your metabolism giving you the energy you want and the results you desire.

Ignite is made with new, cutting edge ingredients and developed so that the body can absorb and utilize all of the benefits of Ignite.


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ReVive Core

ReVive Core uses the 1ViZN proprietary and trademarked CJCD (Caye-Ject Cellular Delivery) System. This delivery system is scientifically formulated to work directly with unique proprietary blends, Core-Fat Metabolizer and Neuro-Ignition Focus & Energy Complex, to ensure the ability for the body to absorb and utilize all of the components and benefits of ReVive Core. This system is what helps make 1ViZN’s ReVive Core one of the most effective supplements on the market today.

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ReVive Hard-Core

Hyper-Metabolic Energy Complex
The unique composition of ingredients in this proprietary blend has been formulated to Boost Energy levels in the body, supporting and revitalizing the body as it adapts to the diversity of everyday life activity. This blend has been scientifically formulated to help maximize fat burn, through a metabolic process.


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Ama Vida Skin Care

Tired of dry, rough, cracked and even wrinkled skin? Isn’t it time to give your skin the attention it needs so that you can have healthy and radiant looking skin? 1ViZN Ama Vida Skin Care line will help you defy age, nourish your skin, and promote wrinkle reduction, giving your skin a radiant glow from the inside out. Ama Vida starts by treating your surface skin, reducing wrinkles and age damaged skin, giving you an immediate fresh feel and look. But Ama Vida does not stop there, as Ama Vida penetrates your skin at the deeper levels, it nourishes and strengthens newly developing skin cells, and once those skin cells rise to the surface you will have the healthy and radiant skin you desire.

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