Kickstart Challenge Results

What You Need To Do:

  • Take your after photos and measurements
  • Submit results form
  • Tune in on 1ViZN Fitness Facebook live Thursday, March 22nd to hear the announcement of our prizes!


Before Photos
  • Men Wear | shorts & no shirt, or a tight fitting shirt
  • Women Wear | shorts & sports bra, swim suit, or tight fitting shirt
    • The more of your body you can see the more progress you’ll see
  • Clear quality image taken by someone else (not a selfie)
  • Good lighting
  • Clean background
After Photos
  • Same outfit as the before picture
  • Good lighting
  • Same background
  • Same angles & distance from the camera as before photos


Enter your weight on the form as well as submit a photo showing the scale with the date written on a piece of paper or sticky note next to the scale.

With a soft measuring tape, take the circumference of these points in a relaxed position:

  • Chest: Circumference of rib cage/chest at the nipple line
  • Waist: Circumference of stomach at the point that is level with belly button
  • Glutes: Circumference of glutes/hips around the fullest part of glutes
  • Right/Left Thigh: Circumference of thigh around the fullest part
  • Right/Left Calf: Circumference of calf around the fullest part
  • Right/Left Arm: Circumference of arm half way between shoulder and elbow


  • Must enroll in and use 1ViZN Fitness
  • Submit $50 challenge registration
  • Submit registration/results forms
  • Submit before/after photos, measurements, weigh ins


The measurements will be entered into our database that will calculate percentage of weight lost, total weight lost, total inches lost. It will determine the contestants with the most significant transformation.

*Using percentage of weight lost as the main determining factor allows for all individuals, regardless of starting weight, to be able to compete together most fairly.