The mission of Elevate Fitness is to empower people to enhance their quality of life through health and fitness.

1ViZN Fitness is sponsored by 1ViZN Health, and it is created by their Health & Fitness Specialist, Keva Robinson. 1ViZN wanted to create a quality health and fitness program that anyone can be part of. The 1ViZN Fitness program can be done anywhere with no special equipment required in only 30 minutes a day. The workout programs are tiered into different skill levels and each level is able to be worked at your own pace.

The 1ViZN Fitness Programs are designed to be sustainable by teaching healthy lifestyle habits. A healthy diet combined with an exercise routine reduces your risk of chronic diseases (such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer) and promotes your overall physical and mental health.

Goals of The 1ViZN Fitness Program:

  • Develop healthy maintainable lifestyle habits
  • Learn to cook and portion healthy meals
  • Reduce body fat & promote lean muscle mass
  • Reduce risks of chronic illnesses


About 1ViZN

1ViZN is a lifestyle company that provides health supplements and skin care. The founders of 1ViZN wanted to create a complete lifestyle package that helps people enhance their lives in their health, finances, and relationships. They formulated some of the best products on the market for energy, weight loss, immune support, skincare, and now the Elevate Fitness Program.

1ViZN’s mission is to change lives physically through products, financially through entrepreneurs, and culturally through the people. 1ViZN reaches out and embraces souls everywhere and welcomes them for who they truly are. The company encourages growth through individual progress and participation in teams. In the journey to change lives, 1ViZN offers something for everyone.

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About Coach Keva

Keva Robinson is 1ViZN’s Health & Fitness Specialist. Keva has a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Human Performance from The University of Providence. Prior to working for 1ViZN, Keva worked as a strength and conditioning coach, competed in body building, and was a college athlete.